Granta Park

Fred is home to many leading technology companies and worldwide research and development centres. Established for over 20 years the park has recently undergone major expansion and development works.

This was another great example of how we were able to scale our team of expert steel fixers and take on a complex project outside of London. All logistics were handled seamlessly getting our team to Norwich for full working days effectively and without any loss of time.

Starting in late October 2017 we completed the project on time and budget in early 2017 much to our client’s delight.

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Temple Farm

This was our most successful project of the year and was working with an existing client. Having been brought on board at the end of February 2017 we were initially given a completion schedule for mid-October 2017. However, we delivered the project in record time completing in July 2017, 14 weeks ahead.

We had an expert team of 15 on site working on the excavations and ground works for two large buildings (27 and 28) while also completing the steel fixing across four other buildings on site.

Our client has been very happy with the progress!

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Weston House

This was a very interesting project in a residential area and involved constructing a four-story frame for a long-standing client.

We were originally asked to plan for a 13 week programme but managed to scale and accelerate the project to complete safely and to a high standard in just 8 weeks, a great achievement in a difficult environment.

Having proved how we can add value we have also been asked to tender for external works including drainage, tarmac and block paving.

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Riverside North Development

This project was mostly residential and covers an area of approximately 3.6 acres. Located immediately to the South of Bedford’s historic centre and to the west of St Paul’s Square.

The development consists of five large blocks (one 8 storey tower, two 6 storey and two 1 story buildings).

We were appointed as the project was running 4-5 weeks behind schedule. Fred were brought in to turn the project around, which we delivered and completed on time and in budget.

In order to speed up the project we provided a large team of experts and a consistent level of labour to keep the job on track.

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